Genesys Source

About Us

We at Genesys Source love reusability. We love simple clean code. We love maintainability. In short, we love to produce quality products fast.

So we created the Genesys Source Framework to share our love of code reuse with the community!

Why do we love code reuse? It is this all too familiar scenario that keeps us up at night...

Your team just released a large web site. A little copy and paste here, a little hard-coding there...but deadlines were met and your site is in production.

Success! Or is it?
  • By year 3, the code base is getting larger and harder to maintain.
  • By year 4, you have to change code in multiple places to change a stored procedure.
  • By year 6, you realize they are never going to approve your proposed rewrite.
  • By year 8, your database starts to go down weekly due to the load from your stored-procedure based middle tier. Bugs that were fixed show up again weeks later. You add a feature and realize that the code needs to be copy/pasted to multiple pages.

How to reign-in spiraling maintenance costs and decreasing customer satisfaction?

Genesys Source Framework helps you regain control of your code by allowing you to incrementally add a reusable framework to your code base. Genesys Source Framework helps you upgrade your code base to current technologies like MVC, WebAPI, Universal Cross-Platform Mobile, Entity Framework and SQL Server Data Tools.

We love reusability. We created Genesys Source to share our love of reusability.

But we also love reality. We created the Genesys Source Framework for the real world that needs reusability quick, easy and to work with your existing database.

We hope that our simple, incremental approach to reusability with the Genesys Source Framework taking care of the basics, so you can focus on what you know best…your app and your business.