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Genesys Source Framework 2017.10 Released

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Genesys Framework 2017.10 is now available for download or directly in Visual Studio (Tools->Extensions-and-Updates)
Release Notes:

Summary of changes in this iteration are:
* Documentation
- Debugging your Genesys Framework App:
- Publishing your Genesys Framework App:
- Installing the Cloud Dev Environment:
- Compare Genesys Framework vs. Cloud Dev Environment:
- Setup Time Comparison - Genesys vs. Cloud vs. On-Prem:
- Tour the Cloud Dev Environment:
* Extensions
 - Test Projects: All refer to App_Data\ExtensionsData.mdb for local data testing.
* Framework
 - Framework.Test: Refers to App_Data\FrameworkData.mdb for local data testing.
* Framework for MVC, Web API, WPF and Universal
 - Framework.WebApp, Framework.WebServices: Index dashboard screen now includes Map of Genesys Framework.
 - Framework.WebApp, Framework.WebServices: Navbar menu hover now gray.
 - Framework.WebApp, Framework.WebServices: Layout shortened to allow for menu text to live longer before snapping to icons.
 - Framework.WebApp, Framework.WebServices: Added company name to contact info in footer.
 - Framework.WebApp, Framework.WebServices, Framework.DesktopApp refer to App_Data\FrameworkData.mdb as default database.
 - Framework.DesktopApp and Framework.UniversalApp: Assets were added.
* Framework.Database (SSDT)
 - Database files now located in C:\Data\OLTP for transactional, C:\Data\OLAP for analytical
 - Log files now located in C:\Log\OLTP for transactional, C:\Log\OLAP for analytical
* Data Sheet:
* Setup Guide:
* Releases:

We thank you for taking a look at our cross-platform full-stack business object reusability framework.
- Genesys Developers

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