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Genesys Source Framework 2018.06 Released

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Please join us in welcoming Genesys Source Framework 4 which adds .NET Core, EF Core and DDD-centric designs and patterns! Simultaneously supports .NET Core and Standard PLUS .NET 4 and PCL. Genesys Source Framework shares the same C# classes and .cs files in both .NET Core 2 and .NET “Full” 4 projects, normalizing and reusing 80% of the code base.

Genesys Framework 4 (2018.06) is now available for download ( or directly in Visual Studio (Tools->Extensions-and-Updates.) Open-source, cross-platform, full-stack business and domain object reusability made easy!

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Important: This is an interface-breaking release, bumping the version from 3.x to 4.x.


What’s new in Genesys Source Framework 4?

* .NET Core and .NET 4.x fully supported in all projects

* EF Core 2 and EF 6 fully supported

* Simultaneous support for .NET Core and .NET “Full", without multi-targeting!

* Re-org into DDD-centric layers and organization, including Domain Objects and Models, Entity and Value objects.

* Inheritance approach replace by composition design patterns

* Repository design pattern formalized into Genesys.Framework.Repository namespace

* Database Adapters created for EF to Table, to View and Stored Procedure data access


* Extensions

     - Extensions.Standard, Extensions.Core, Extras.Standard, Extras.Core projects introduced for .NET Core and .NET Standard support

     - TableName attribute introduced to decorate data-access classes with the Table or View for select, insert, update and delete operations.

     - ColumnPrefix attribute introduced to decorate data-access classes with prefix of base properties like Id and Key (i.e. [ColumnPrefix(“Customer”) means Id maps to CustomerId, Key maps to CustomerKey)

     - DataReaderSafe: New wrapper for null-safe ADO.NET operations


* Framewor

     - DatabaseReader and DatabaseWriter classes now EntityReader, EntityWriter and ValueReader classes.

     - StoredProcedureWriter introduced for CRUD and Repository interactions with SQL Stored Procedures.

     - Code-first repository and entity objects for ActivityContext and ExceptionLog contain their own reader/writer classes, supporting both .EF Core 2 and EF 6.

     - Framework.DataAccess now contains \Repository for data+service source orchestration, and \Data for actual data implementations.

     - Framework.Interop renamed to clarify the project as an all-tier, all-layer interoperability dependency. This is the only necessary hard-dependency in the stack, mostly to force all tiers to implement the same normalized & centralized interfaces. All other dependencies can be fully-decoupled.

     - Framework.Models moved to \MiddleTier to encourage more DDD-centric domain object implementations.

     - .Full, .Core and .Shared projects introduced in all layers. Full is for .NET 4.x “Full”. Core is for .NET Core 2. Shared contains the actual .cs files that are “linked” to both .Full and .Core projects. The .cs file and code within are reused in both .NET 4.x and .NET Core 2!



* Quick Guide:

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* Genesys Quick-Start Framework User Guide:

* Debugging your Genesys Framework App:

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If you have any problems with your new cross-platform full-stack business object reusability framework, feel free to contact us at 


We’re here to help!

– Dev Team


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