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Genesys Source Framework 2018.07 Released

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Please join us in welcoming Genesys Source Framework 4 which adds .NET Core, EF Core and DDD-centric designs and patterns! Simultaneously supports .NET Core and Standard PLUS .NET 4 and PCL. Genesys Source Framework shares the same C# classes and .cs files in both .NET Core 2 and .NET “Full” 4 projects, normalizing and reusing 80% of the code base.

Genesys Framework 4 is now available for download ( or directly in Visual Studio (Tools->Extensions-and-Updates.) Open-source, cross-platform, full-stack business and domain object reusability made easy!

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What’s new in this release?

* Extensions

     - RecordIdentity attribute introduced to override Id-based record identity. Now can be Id, Key, Id or Key and None (for value objects.)

     - .NET Core 2.1 support added in code and NuGet dependencies

     - SqlConnectionExtension now supports .CanOpenAsync() to quickly test if a database can be opened.


* Framework

     - LocalDB (SQL Express) now the default database provider. No need to have SQL installed to run!

     - CanConnect has been added to easily detect if your database is connected

     - .NET Core 2.1 support added in code and NuGet dependencies

     - All Repositories and Data objects “ByRef” add Id and Key values that are returned from the database

     - EntityInfo.IsNew() method driven by new RecordIdentity attribute. Default: Fields.IdOrKey.


* Framework.Database (SSDT)

     - CustomerInfoInsert and CustomerInfoUpdate now handle inserts vs. updates.

     - Record Identity is owned by either Id or Key. Only one needs to be supplied to identify the entity record.

     - Entity schema renamed to Customer


* Framework for MVC and Web API

     - Added Database Connected/Not-connected status to header navbar

     - Added Customer Search by First and Last Name to header navbar

     - Links now relative “~/” to allow nested web site hosting in sub folders and virtual folders.

     - Styling fixes for buttons

     - Navbar now responsive at -xs snap


What’s new in Genesys Source Framework 4?

* .NET Core and .NET 4.x fully supported in all projects

* EF Core 2 and EF 6 fully supported

* Simultaneous support for .NET Core and .NET “Full", without multi-targeting!

* Re-org into DDD-centric layers and organization, including Domain Objects and Models, Entity and Value objects.

* Inheritance approach replace by composition design patterns

* Repository design pattern formalized into Genesys.Framework.Repository namespace

* Database Adapters created for EF to Table, to View and Stored Procedure data access

Important: This is an interface-breaking release, bumping the version from 3.x to 4.x.


* Quick Guide:

* Full Guide:

* Release Notes:

* Genesys Quick-Start Framework User Guide:

* Debugging your Genesys Framework App:

* Publishing your Genesys Framework App:


If you have any problems with your new cross-platform full-stack business object reusability framework, feel free to contact us at 


We’re here to help!

– Dev Team


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